A trip to Autodesk’s One Team Extension APAC 2020!

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What is the FY20 Autodesk Partner Incentive Program?

The FY20 Autodesk Partner Sales Incentive Program is designed to reward the top performing organizations and its representatives reselling Autodesk products in Australia & New Zealand (“ANZ”) in a number of different categories. Autodesk is committed to its channel and wants to reward resellers who rise to the challenge and are top-performers. This Guide provides you with the information that you need to understand the Partner Incentive Program, the awards, and the eligibility criteria for each award.

Award Details

Award recipients will receive a trip to Autodesk’s One Team Extension (OTx) APAC event in 2020. OTx APAC is the biggest, and most essential event for our partners and the Autodesk sales team across the Asia Pacific region. It is the one time each year we get together to network and share ideas as one worldwide team. At OTx, we will share detailed information about our strategic direction, our go-to-market plans for the new fiscal year, and how it will help us become a more competitive and successful sales force. There will be breakout sessions to explain our sales, marketing, and product strategy for each of our major industries. OTx APAC will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 6-8 April 2020.

The FY20 Autodesk Partner Incentive Program period is from 1 October until 31 December 2019, inclusive.

How will I know if I'm in the running for an award?

Autodesk will provide monthly rankings that will include the top five (5) participants in the running for each Award*. Please note we will provide rankings but not award results. Final award results will only be announced at the conclusion of the incentive period. The goal is to communicate results-to-date to the eligible participants on a monthly basis so that sales representatives can step up their game, increase purchases and sales, and work harder to meet the criteria for the award. *Customer Success Award will be determined at the conclusion of the incentive period only, the monthly rankings will not be provided.

Autodesk will publish final results and award winners on or before 30 January 2020.